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Here’s a pic to celebrate Pride Week:

Inktober 2

Here’s a doodle that got a li’l more planning: i used some thicker paper. And here’s a photo, making the values less …

Inktober 1 2016

Here’s a try from the first. I used the wrong paper, because i didn’t have a plan beforehand. Makes for very wobbly …

Happy Valentines!

One of the days one can try to combine love and fetish. Started a webshop here:

Anita Ekberg

Well, to be fair, it’s not a portrait of her per se. But i only discovered how many awesome posed photos she …

Internationale Signeerdag 2015

De Internationale Signeerdag vindt plaats op 12 april 2015 in Aarschot, België. Organisator Catherine Dejonghe maakt ervoor een leuk album. Bijgaand mijn …