Been a while..

Here’s my yearly participation in the weekly CHOW on Conceptart. I was late for the deadline, but it was quite fun doing this. I’m not done yet, coloring-stage.

The brief was:
“the miners daughter: raised by a poor miner in a tiny industrial village, over the years she has seen the mine producing less and less coal, and the people of her village getting poorer and more hungry. she had three brothers, all killed in mining accidents. she has set of into the wider world, to see what other trades are available for a girl who can swing a hammer and wield a wrench with the best of them. 1.I’m thinking steampunk, but if you want to head in a different direction then go for it. bikinis! she can be sexy but it has to stay in character. 3.she’s had a pretty hard life, so she shouldn’t look like a pampered princess.”

Here’s my idea as a background story:
“Sometime in the future: Energycrisis ahoy! Ginny was a poor miners daughter. At only age 15, she already has lost 3 brothers. Ginny isn’t convinced of their deaths though, the family never got their bodies back. Now, her little town is getting empty, and at the same time, strange disappearances are occurring. And also, why is the Black Coal Company still investing in the region and what are their researchers doing there in that mysterious lab? What is BCC’s chairman Jacob Blacks secret agenda?

To help support the family, and secretly investigate the mine, Ginny took a summerjob at BCC. As part of a mobile squad, she helps the miners with their communication above and investigates tunnelsafety. She also often sneaks in coffee for her dads team, and snoops around in parts she’s not supposed to be. Along with her brave rat Tuffy and some friends, Ginny plans on getting her brothers back, dead or alive! Until then, she dreams of the long trips she’s gonna make after all adventures. ”

And here’s the current color. So far, i only layed down some flats.

I wanted her to be a more positive, detective like character, rather than a tragic girl, doomed for unhappyness. I found her rather…optimistic and curious, while still a bit rough on the edges. I’m not sure i’ll finish this anytime soon, cos i have some td running still and that really really really needs some attention. :/

Oh, and this is as far as i’m prolly getting with Napoleon. I rediscovered some pastelbrush in painter, but overused it and it just is a really boring pic. So, i’m done with this.