Girl Thunderdomes

Remember that td i mentioned a while back i wasn’t supposed to talk about? It was supposed to be anonymous, hence the secrecy. Anyway, CA girls organize a competition every now and then, to show the rest of the guys girls aren’t only good for boobies. Theme this time was ‘Fairytales and Folklores’and there were some really amazing entries, go check it all here.

I fudged mine in 2 days… after missing earlier deadlines. Overall, i’m very pleased with the result though, cos i managed to get everything i wanted in the sketch, but i should stop picking colors when i’m all sleepy. My fairytale was ‘Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs‘. It was mucho fun to hide everything in there, can you spot all dwarfs? Made in Illustrator and some PS.

The girls had another competition last year, themed ‘Illustrating a song‘. I picked a lovely emo song, “Where the wild roses grow” by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue. I really love that song, cos of the storytelling, and the video ain’t bad either. Again….worked on this last minute. Done in Illustrator, PS only used for final touches.

Here’s a step by step i made back then:

Also, i’m an idiot. I always get all freaked out over deadlines, and now i’ve signed myself up for the biggest CA-competition. It’s pretty brutal usually, but i gotta stop pussing out some time….. i hope. Read more about the Last Man Standing here. Hehe, pretty funny, last year it was won by a woman, Shelly Wan. 🙂