Global issues…

Sometimes i just get really sad when i watch the news. Such horrible things we do to eachother….As you can see, i can be pretty naieve. Why can’t we just all get along? :/

When i drew this, that’s what the press mentioned as Benazirs Bhutto’s cause of death. Only a couple of days later and already so many other things have happened…. her burial, new leaders and new videos with proof… Bah.

Overall, i’m just glad i’m now less stressed about expressing my emotions in comic form. I used to overthink things too much and freeze up, but it’s a good way of dealing with feelings. The 27th sure was one that brought me down. I’ll try to do a happier one soon.

As i didn’t feel this deserved another post, i’m adding this pic here. Remember the Medusa-thing i was working on? Here’s what i got on her parents so far, i guess i’ll need to move dads butt up and add another shoe/leg. It’s just primary sketches so far, been too busy with the X-mas thing to spend much time on the project.