Industrial Design of the Week – The Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain

Finally finished a pic for a weekly activity on CA again. I did Corn Brân Galed o’r Gogledd: The Horn of Bran the Niggard from the North: whatever drink might be wished for was found in it. No idea on how to pronounce the first part and the rest of the name made me wonder, but the dictionaries kept insisting it meant ‘miser, grouch’, so i’ll just go with that then.

I kinda turned this into a ‘weddingpresent’, the heart, crown and hands are symbols from an Irish weddingring. I also incorporated the famous Shamrock clover in it. For the horn i just googled Viking horns and based on that further. I’ve added strings to it, so this horn can be carried and it’s a bit flatter on the bottom, so it can stand on it’s own, didn’t want to add any legs there for estaethic reasons. Was fun to do, the concept i mean. The colors mehh… It’s boring. But it’s done!