Inktober 01

So, it’s time for Inktober again, more info on that on Jake Parkers site. And this year i decided to participate. Since i’m posting this on the 16th, it’s pretty obvious i’m lagging behind again. Oh well, we’ll see how far this gets.

Here’s my first doodle:

Inktober-01v1I didn’t like the result of my green Faber Castle Brush Pen. So i made a second one:

Inktober-01v2Didn’t clean up the scan. I’ve been drawing on A-3 sized paper, which takes some puzzling under the A-4 sized scanner. I liked the black bg better. There’s some things i like better in 1 pic than the other. Digitally, i would’ve merged these 2 pics and then rebuild a new drawing. 🙂