Of greeks and stress….

So, good news: I finished my LMS entry. It’s not my most brilliant piece ever, and prolly went too deep to figure out something appropriate, but it’s done. I made a deadline, hurray!

It was a real pain to finish. I really don’t like deadlines 🙁 . I started fretting over this as soon as i entered the LMS back in…november, spent the past week freaking out bigtime and only yesterday found a topic i saw… fitting. It’s now 7 am, I was up the whole night painting it in Illustrator. I can’t show yet, cos Cody promised to hurt people who ruined his grand LMS surprise.

In the meantime, here’s what i did after trying to find some inspiration in a Milo Manara comic. No clue what his comic is about, except that it had lots of nudity and weirdness in a cool way. I’m starting to run out of brushpens again. This is all pen, with a bit of black markers. Only PS-action is to up the contrast a bit, so my sketchlines are gone 🙂 . Negative space can be superconfusing!