Of myths and toons…

So, i haven’t posted this week, booo to me. I have been drawing though. Since it’s the 100th CHOW on CA, they decided to make it extra extra long. As the topic is ‘Medusa, the Queen’, I’ve been having fun with this concept. I know that most of CA-people will go for either topless chicks or scary creepy monsters, so i’ve decided to approach it more like…. a kids tv show or something.

My Medusa is a li’l queen, as her monsterparents have gone missing. She’s being cared for by Uncle Frank (as in that Frankenstein dude, i still gotta draw him) and she’s having a lots of fun. I want her to be bratty, cute and funloving, but she’ll still be a monstergirl. Here are some doodles of Medusa, but i’ll change her dress later, click on pic to see it all better, as it’s kinda big:

Also, i bought some Copic pens to ink with… i’m soooooo scared to use them! They’re all pretty, shiny and full and not leaking. So, here’s an attempt to empty out the crappy almost empty ‘old’ pens i have:

I was watching Kim Possible… Gosh, those shapes! The flow! Love that show. For some reason i keep thinking Shane Glines did her design, dunno why, but he’s so damned awesome. Anyways, my chick is falling over and i fucked up her face, but i’m had such a blast doing this non-digital (Blue marker, brown and reddish brushpen and brown pencil).