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Inktober 2014

Inktober 13

Inktober 13

And the end. This is the last drawing i managed to do for Inktober. Unfortunately, i caught a pneumonia after some bad …

Inktober 12

Lines, lines and more lines! Liked doing the trees best.

Inktober 11

A li´l witch and her cat. Had Halloween on the mind a bit.

Inktober 10

I was on a roll for a bit, this one was a blast to do.  roll

Inktober 09

The scan came out a li´l blurry and i didn´t feel like gluing parts together, so some is cropped out. Was a …

Inktober 08

So, i’m now 8 days behind on my Inktoberquest. Boo. With the little girls, it seemed like a stinky teen boy needed …

Inktober 07

Wednesday Addams was on my doodle-list for a while as well. The Addams world is lovely dark and gloomy. I kinda wanted …

Inktober 06

When i was younger, Matilda by Roald Dahl was my favourite book. It deals with pretty dark issues, yet Dahl presented in …

Inktober 05

Having no clue what to draw again, here are some salt and pepper shakers.